Arbitration Experience

Alec has acted as party counsel for claimants or respondents in hundreds of institutional and ad hoc arbitrations for more than 30 years, involving shipping and ship building, insurance, international trade, energy, commercial contracts, agency & distributorships, hospitality and leisure, joint ventures, investments, real estate, telecommunications and infrastructure.
Since 2008 he has sat as an arbitrator in more than 160 arbitrations under ADCCAC, DIAC, DIFC-LCIA, EMAC, GCCAC, ICC, LCIA, LMAA and SIAC rules as well as in UNCITRAL and other ad hoc arbitrations.

Appointments over the last few years include:

  • Chairman in a DIAC shareholder dispute between three UAE parties (US$100 million+).
  • Chairman of LMAA Tribunal in London in relation to a long term rig charterparty dispute (US$250 million+).
  • Sole Arbitrator in an ad hoc Hong Kong Arbitration between an Australian boat builder and a Hong Kong entity arising from a contract for in excess of 20 new builds.
  • Co-Arbitrator in a Kuwait seated GCCAC arbitration concerning a land transportation agreement (US$8 million).
  • Sole Arbitrator in a DIFC-LCIA arbitration relating to termination of a yacht refurbishment contract (AED12 million).
  • Co-Arbitrator in a DIFC-LCIA arbitration arising from a share sale and purchase agreement (AED67 million).
  • Presiding Arbitrator in an ICC Arbitration in Cameroon arising out of an industrial plant construction project.
  • Co-Arbitrator in an ADCCAC arbitration arising out of a defence contract (AED284 million).
  • Co-Arbitrator in a DIAC arbitration arising from the construction contract for a major facility in Abu Dhabi (AED 100 million).
  • Chairman of a Dubai ad hoc tribunal in a dispute relating to a supply and installation of plant and machinery between a US company and a UAE company (AED35 million).
  • Co-Arbitrator in an ICC arbitration in Doha relating to a construction contract for a large shopping mall (QAR 166 million)
  • Co-Arbitrator in a DIAC subcontract dispute relating to the provision of certain technical services to a major telecoms company.
  • Co-arbitrator in an LCIA arbitration in Singapore relating to the construction of a terminal and pipeline (US$50 million).
  • Co-arbitrator in an ICC arbitration in Muscat relating to works for gas supply facilities
  • Sole Arbitrator in a DIFC-LCIA arbitration in Muscat relating to the operation and maintenance of a desalination plant (about OMR 4.5 million / US$ 11.7 million)
  • Sole Arbitrator in a SIAC arbitration in the maritime sector relating to a loan and share sale agreement (US$9.5 million)
  • Chairman of the first EMAC arbitration which is an AED 45 million charterparty dispute.
  • Sole Arbitrator in a DIFC-LCIA arbitration arising out of a warehousing and distribution contract in a MENA country.
  • Co-arbitrator in a consolidated DIFC-LCIA arbitration with a London seat arising out of a shareholders’ agreement and a share purchase agreement for fast food franchised restaurants around the GCC.
  • Co-arbitrator in an ICC arbitration with a Dubai seat between a specialized contractor in the construction sector and the employer (US$ 20 million).

  • Sole Arbitrator in a construction dispute subject to ad hoc arbitration in Dubai.
  • Co-arbitrator in an UNCITRAL Rules arbitration between a Cayman company & a Luxembourg S.A. arising out of the hire of a drill-rig unit (US$16 million)
  • Co-arbitrator in LCIA Rules dispute in relation to supply and installation of audio-visual systems for a project in Doha with values in dispute of about GBP 7 million. QFC seat and venue and Qatar Law.

  • Sole Arbitrator in ICC Rules dispute between Iraqi and S. Korean parties in relation to construction contract in Iraq. Paris seat, English language and Kurdistan Law.

  • Presiding Arbitrator in a DIFC-LCIA arbitration between a UAE subsidiary of a global oil field services supplier and a company based in Saudi Arabia arising out of a representation agreement subject to the laws of Saudi Arabia and with DIFC as the arbitral seat (amount in issue US$70 million).
  • Co-Arbitrator in an LCIA arbitration with London seat and Abu Dhabi venue with claims of about US$ 59million arising out of a construction contract in the energy sector.
  • Co-arbitrator in an ICC Rules dispute between a multinational main contractor j.v. and a subcontractor in relation to a refinery project in Kuwait (US$25 million).
  • Co-Arbitrator in ICC Rules Muscat seated arbitration arising from subcontract dispute in relation to an airport construction project.
  • Co-arbitrator in DIAC Rules arbitration concerning the sale & purchase of a plot of land with a hotel to be constructed.
  • Co-Arbitrator in ADCCAC Rules arbitration in relation to a construction dispute (AED 275 million).